McDonald's South Africa has augmented its sales and operational reporting capabilities with the implementation of a new data capture system developed by Lightedge's software development arm, Applied Concepts. 

The system enables its head office data capture personnel to simply import electronic data forms, received from any of its 100 stores nationwide, via e-mail. In the past, this was done manually from faxes received at the end of each day. The system includes an administrative area for the vetting and editing of data.
"McDonald's South Africa can now perform work that took a number of days each week in a matter of a few minutes, affording management the time to peruse the data and analyse it as required. The time saved provides a weekly window of opportunity for proactive decision making," says Peter Moss, business development manager at Lightedge.
This application, which incorporates best practice design, integrates with the sales and operational reporting system Lightedge implemented for McDonald's two months ago.
The fast food company required an application with rock-solid data integrity to negate any incorrect information captured with additional data checks to ensure 100% valid data imported into the system. The solution Applied Concepts developed was built on the Microsoft .NET 2 framework and written using C# with MS SQL Server 2005 as the data repository.
"Given our experience with Lightedge, we were optimistic about receiving a high quality solution, delivered in a short time frame. Once again, we were not disappointed. Lightedge's professionalism continues to exceed our expectations and set them apart from competitors," says Mervyn Pillay, IT manager at McDonalds.