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Software AG challenges for BPM position


Software AG has debuted as a Strong Performer in the recently published market assessment "The Forrester Wave: Human-Centric BPM For Banking and Investments, Q3 2007 (August 30, 2007)". 

Forrester Research has also recognized webMethods BPMS as a Leader in both "The Forrester Wave: Human-Centric BPM For Java Platforms, Q3 2007 (August 3, 2007)" and "The Forrester Wave: Integration-Centric Business Process Management Suites, Q4 2006 (December 20, 2006)".  webMethods BPMS is the business process management suite (BPMS) component of the webMethods product suite from Software AG.
webMethods BPMS is a full feature process design, execution, monitoring and management platform.
According to "The Forrester Wave: Human-Centric BPM For Banking and Investments, Q3 2007", “with the recent acquisition of webMethods, Software AG’s BPMS offering is much stronger for banks and investment firms. Change management and integration capabilities are very deep in the webMethods tool, supporting key needs for FSIs . . . It also has very strong out-of-the-box solutions for common financial services standards, including SWIFT, FIX, and ACH.”
Software AG’s global customer base includes more than five hundred financial services institutions worldwide.  The company offers process frameworks and out-of-the-box Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for a number of core processes, such as securities trading for investments, payments and loan processing in banking, and claims processing in insurance, as well as for compliance with a variety of regulatory mandates, including the FACT (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions) Act, MiFID, Sarbanes-Oxley and the USA Patriot Act.  In addition, the company also supports a number of key industry standards, including SWIFT, ACH and ACORD.
Software AG also offers dedicated business consultancy and professional services resources for the financial services sectors.  These professionals collaborate with enterprises to accelerate their adoption of industry best practices.  Using a proven methodology encompassing discovery and process evaluation, cost/benefit analysis, and project management, they can also help customers implement specific process improvement initiatives.
“Excellence in process management is a key determinant of success within the financial services sector,” says Mark Rhoden, Area Sales Director, Global Financial Services, Software AG. “Our business process management solutions address their strategic concerns related to the complexity of their core processes as well as their need for speed, accuracy and scalability within their transaction environment.
"Through their use of webMethods BPMS, they can reduce their operational costs, respond more quickly to marketplace changes, further customise their service offerings, and comply with a multitude of stringent regulatory mandates.
"With nearly 40 years of continuous service to the financial services sectors, we also offer the insight and experience needed to quickly deliver significant performance improvements and measurable business results.”