Oracle has announced the Oracle optimised Warehouse Initiative to help accelerate data warehouse deployments by offering a choice of optimised solutions that combine the performance, reliability and scalability of Oracle Database with hardware and storage from industry leading manufacturers. 

As part of this initiative, Dell, EMC and Oracle have introduced the initial Oracle Optimised Warehouse. Available through Dell, the Oracle Optimised Warehouse for Dell and EMC is comprised of Dell PowerEdge servers, EMC CLARiiON networked storage systems and Oracle Database.
“As the data warehousing market continues to grow and mature, Oracle is evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers,” says Ray Roccaforte, vice-president of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Platform, Oracle. “With the Oracle Optimised Warehouse Initiative, customers no longer need to choose between proprietary data warehouse solutions and Oracle-based solutions custom built on leading hardware platforms.
"Oracle now delivers the advantages of its market-leading database within a simple-to-buy, pre-built product optimised for data warehousing out-of-the-box.”
The Oracle Optimised Warehouse Initiative marks another milestone in Oracle’s long-standing leadership in data warehousing.  Built and sold in conjunction with leading hardware companies, an Oracle optimised Warehouse features the enterprise-class data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) capabilities of the Oracle Database pre-installed on validated hardware configurations optimised for data warehousing. The Oracle optimised Warehouse is an integrated, pre-built solution consisting of database, storage, and servers that has been validated and tested to deliver optimal performance, and is supported as a single product, with a single support contact.
The Oracle optimised Warehouse is built upon Oracle Database and industry leading hardware components, which enables the utilisation of existing IT resources and skills to quickly deploy and load high-performance data warehouses that can easily scale to support future demand.  
Since an Oracle optimised Warehouse supports the full power of the market-leading Oracle Database, Oracle and third-party BI tools and applications are available for use with the product.
Oracle optimised Warehouse solutions are suitable for data marts, enterprise data warehouses, and BI applications.  Moreover, for customers who prefer the flexibility to choose and configure their own data warehouse platforms rather than purchasing pre-built solutions, this initiative also offers Oracle optimised Warehouse Reference Configurations.
These reference configurations help customers choose the most appropriate configuration to meet their scale, price and performance requirements, and simplify the design and implementation of high-performance data warehousing systems.