Medium-sized businesses in the Western Cape are showing increasing interest in HansaWorld business software as word spreads of its low cost and top-of-the-range functionality, says Value Added Reseller Afresh Consult. 

“We’re moving away from the smaller businesses of eight to 10 users to 25-user businesses and up, mostly because of the required functionality and competitive pricing provided by HansaWorld,” says Ruaan Smith, MD at Afresh Consult. “The pricing model is so competitive it becomes a no-brainer for companies to choose HansaWorld once we show them the functionality available.”
Afresh has partnered with HansaWorld in South Africa in several implementation and training projects at new clients, says Smith, “but now we’re focussing on building our own customer base. We’ve got a team of experienced consultants and unlike traditional ERP consultants, we're able to offer a diverse selection of services, including business process analysis and accounting advice. Very few vendors can offer both ERP and accounting services.”
“The main reason we’re winning clients is HansaWorld’s wide area networking capabilities and the fact that it has leading edge functionality like the BusinessPhone which is not provided by other vendors,” says Smith.  “Users can dial and answer landline, mobile, SIP or Skype calls, as well as send SMS messages and e-mails, from the BusinessPhone window.
“Many don’t quite understand the technology, but when we apply it to their problems and we demonstrate how it translates into business value, clients are very excited by it. Lower broadband costs in South Africa will increase uptake of the BusinessPhone locally, so we are very excited about the opportunities in future,” says Smith.
Johani Marais, HansaWorld Regional Manager says: “Afresh has partnered with us on many projects and assisted in creating a strong Western Cape presence. Their focus now is on developing their own customer base, and they have an experienced team with a combination of skills and resources, strengthening the HansaWorld channel in South Africa.”