Sun Microsystems has announced new benchmark performance results from its Sun Fire x4600 server, an 8-socket x86-based server which is available to channel partners through distributor Horizon, a division of Workgroup.

The Securities Technology Analysis Centre (STAC) benchmark test measured the performance of the Sun Fire x4600 servers running Wombat Financial software on the Solaris 10 OS. Handling a heavy data load the server achieved a rapid processing speed – processing 359 000 messages per second, while reducing latency to just 511 milliseconds.
"Millions of trades per second are communicated electronically by trading communities around the world," says Hayward Rose, Sun product marketing manager at Horizon. "Just one millisecond of network delay can determine whether an order is successfully filed, making a server's processing speed and reliability a critical component of capital market firm's competitive edge.
"The results of the benchmark demonstrate that the Sun Fire x4600 series is well equipped to help capital market firms compete on transaction speed and reliability."