The African nation famous (infamous?) for its 419 scams, Nigeria recently denied America's richest man and the head of the world's biggest software company, Bill Gates a visa fearing he might seek to take up residence in the country and milk its social services.

Gizmodo reports that the Nigerian government initially denied Gate's visa application "on the premise that they required proof he would not reside in Nigeria indefinitely, causing a strain on social services and a general nuisance for immigration."
They were obviously impressed by the number of zeros on the copy of the bank statement he would have undoubtedly have had to supply, finally granting him entry.
It must have been, though, a back-to-earth moment for Gates who, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is one of the continent's biggest benefactors and donors into Aids, malaria and tubercolosis research.
We're sure that as Gates continues his philanthropy – and travels – in Africa, he will become familiar with the old adage coined by African correspondents of yore: AWA – Africa Wins Again.