The proposed Pretoria name change to Tshwane will result in major expense to organisations that use pre-printed stationery.

But they could save thousands of rands if they used InterMate, distributed, supported and maintained in South Africa by Edgetec.
“InterMate’s suite hinges on the InterForm400 core module to offer unsurpassed IBM System-i (AS/400 and iSeries) printing capabilities to laser and label (barcode) printers,” says Robi Somlai, IT consultant at Edgetec.
Stationery that would otherwise be produced in bulk can be produced on demand through the InterMate solution.
It effectively means that companies don’t have bulk letterheads, business cards and other stationery in their stores that they’ll need to dispose of when the name changes becomes effective.
"When the name change occurs they’ll simply print new stationery as they require it,” says Somlai. “A good example of how this was put to effective use is a large South African insurance brokerage that recently completed and deployed its short-term policy schedule program. InterForm400 helped them to move away from a legacy ERP system’s restrictive document resolution method,” says Somlai.
The output management suite is focused on improving corporate identity and cost savings through improved automatic document handling routines, as users can design their own layouts and define document workflows.
“Other local InterForm400 users generate an average of 100 000 documents per month, to paper, fax, e-mail and archive. They’re keen to establish two primary goals: faster document delivery and greater cost savings,” says Somlai.
Local companies are also keen to maximise the broader potential of the product, which is why Edgetec hosted a member of the product’s development team to deliver training to current and potential local users.
Kim Starup Egekjaer, product specialist, document management division at Danish company InterMate, has provided technical support for the product for seven years and shared both in-depth and basic knowledge with a range of companies.
Egekjaer conducted tailored training to several clients, including stainless steel and heavy machinery producers, manufacturing giants in the automotive industry and office automation providers.
They use combinations of InterMate’s 13 document management solutions, ranging from electronic forms to archiving, e-mail distribution, barcode and label printing, through its seven modules.
“The primary concern for these clients was the fact that they had various projects to undertake and they also had new users coming on board who needed training,” says Egekjaer. “Some of them hadn’t yet worked with the product and so we trained them from scratch. All these projects show that the product definitely has a place in the local market and found that local companies aggressively push the technology envelope to maximise their business benefit.
"Having helped in the evolution of this product over the past seven years, I was pleasantly surprised at the high level of proficiency and the local sophistication of business demands.”
InterMate gives System-i Windows-like printing capabilities.
“The product meets an emerging trend that sees companies moving away from traditional post office services of dropping paper into envelopes and mailing them, to using for e-mail and fax versions instead,” says Somlai.
“The System-i has an outstanding reputation for uptime, well over 99,9%, where downtime is measured in minutes per year and not hours, days or weeks. What companies need are reliability and stability when they’re sending large volumes of invoices and other revenue-generating documents.”