Mint has released Enterprise Search in a Box, a solution that will deliver near-instant results and productivity enhancements for businesses implementing enterprise search technology.

Built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Mint's Enterprise Search in a Box (ESiB) is a bundle of platform add-ons and services that provide a simple, yet effective starting point for businesses that are unsure of the benefits of enterprise search functionality.
In a business environment where data and content are being created on a continuous basis, the ability to find information instantly is critical if users are to focus on productive work instead of wasting time looking for information. This need for information applies to both structured data stored in formal data stores and unstructured data stored in various locations in documents and spreadsheets across the organisation.
"Enterprise search is very important for organisations of different sizes," says Cyril Belikoff, business group executive: information worker at Microsoft South Africa.
"Finding and presenting information in a single view from multiple systems across different divisions has shown to add significant value to an organisation."
"Most people have been impressed by the search capabilities of Internet search engines, which index billions of Internet pages and delivers fairly accurate results in seconds," says Grant Hodgkinson, MD of Mint. "Unfortunately, this might not necessarily be of much use in a corporate environment where the content stores are more complex, and information structures are inherently more difficult to interpret through search engines.
"Microsoft's Office SharePoint has enabled searching of a number of content repositories and structures, but this still requires additional effort at an organisational level. This is because enterprise search is a far more complex process than implementing a generic searching algorithm. Enterprise search needs to find the right piece of data relating to the search keyword, as well as documents related to the user's position and security authorisation."
ESiB therefore expands the search functionality in SharePoint by providing the necessary implementation services and technical enhancements to deliver the accuracy and speed business requires. The project starts with an assessment of the customer's environment to determine which business area would benefit the most from effective search functionality.
The technology is then deployed and monitored to ascertain whether users find what they are looking for immediately and what the click-through statistics are in order to continually hone the system to a higher degree of accuracy. The ideal is to have users finding exactly the information needed every time.
"The in-the-box concept is attractive as it allows organisations to get going quickly and to see value significantly faster," adds Belikoff.
ESiB is sold in two versions: the standard edition searches unstructured data only, while the enterprise edition searches both structured and unstructured data. Both versions are sold with three months of post-implementation support to assist customers in realising the benefits of enterprise search as well as to streamline the system to deliver improved results.