MuleSource, a provider of open source infrastructure and integration software, has announced a technology partnership with Codel, a supplier of digital data authentication technology.

Codel has created different adaptors for Mule and these are now available for immediate download from the MuleForge, enabling easier real-time connectivity of enterprise applications to the Mule enterprise service bus.
Codel provides a data authentication service that proves the authenticity of any digital data file ranging from the content of electronic financial transaction messages to music files.  In addition to the functionality that the ESB gives Mule customers, they can click straight through to Codel to authenticate the data stored within the
Mule application, thus enabling customers to maintain compliance and run their businesses more efficiently.
Ensuring the privacy and integrity of confidential information about customers, transactions and products is a critical business and a legal requirement. Nowhere is this greater than in industries such as the financial services sector which is faced with increasing compliance and regulatory legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
"The partnership with MuleSource will enable worldwide users of Mule to benefit from new standards of data authentication and security" comments Bob Hill, Chief Technology Officer, Codel.  "Combining Mule, the world's leading open source ESB and integration platform, with the innovative Codelmarking service delivers new standards of data authentication."
Explains Damian Raffell, VP EMEA Operations of MuleSource: "The addition of Codel to the MuleSource Alliance Partner Program means that, together, we can deliver faster, more secure transactions and reduce the reliance on paper-based record keeping, thus facilitating regulatory compliance. The importance of digital record keeping and maintenance of audit trails underlines why this partnership provides an innovative, simple and inexpensive method to help organisations address data authenticity needs."
Hill adds: "Our architects were impressed with how simple and straightforward it was to build connectors to Mule.  Codel uses a series of SOAP (Service Oriented Architecture Protocol) calls from the application or software which are simple and intuitive to implement, which meant that the work required to integrate Mule and Codel took only  a few hours."
Mule is the enterprise developer's most-used open source ESB and integration platform, with more than 700 000 product downloads and more than 1 000 enterprise production deployments to date.  MuleForge is a shared community environment, offering a fully managed hosting site for Mule extensions and applications for the Mule ESB. MuleForge provides a platform where developers can explore, download, test and contribute to a broad range of re-usable Mule extensions, which can be used to greatly reduce the effort required to complete an integration or SOA project.