RCG, a global provider of integrated biometrics and RFID security solutions, has announced the launch of Activo, a new RFID-based asset tracking system.

"Activo has been developed for deployment in various sectors such as healthcare, retail, event management, document management and advertising and can be tailored for individual markets,” says RCG Systems SA operations manager Mike Cox.
The launch of Activo follows RCG’s success with previous solutions targeted at asset management and tracking.  Customers using RCG’s new Activo solution will be able to RFID tag individual items, linked to a back-end system.
Cox says Microsoft, in partnership with RCG, will examine Activo to enhance the features for integrating RFID systems with BizTalk server, Microsoft’s middleware platform.
Motorola has also announced its support for RCG’s Activo in the jewelry retail market. RCG and Motorola will collectively progress R&D to further enhance the products’ potential.
Digital Trade and Transportation Network Limited (DTTN Co.), a company providing platforms to enhance information flow among trade, logistics and finance industries, is also in advanced discussions in forming a partnership with RCG on integrating Activo with its offering.
In the healthcare sector, Activo provides patients with an RFID health card for identity verification, medical records and prescription dispensing accuracy. In the retail sector, luxury items, such as jewelry, can be individually tagged to identify their location.
The respective items will also be linked to a customer relationship management (CRM) system, giving consumers real-time access to product information, back-end analysis on bestseller items and recommended shelf placement.  
In event management, Activo simplifies the currently complicated process of visitor registration. Visitors may pre-register automatically by receiving a low-cost RFID badge in advance of an event.
The badge provides identity verification and facilities crowd traffic analysis.  And for business events, business cards are stored electronically in the tag for sharing and retrieval.
In office environments, individually tagged documents can be tracked using RFID. In the advertising industry, the use of Activo enables dynamic and personalised advertising to be displayed when a vehicle or customer approaches certain stops or locations.