That’s according to Graham McLeod, call centre focus group manager of Siemens Enterprise Communications, who says one of the most critical challenges facing call centres is the need to cut costs while simultaneously becoming more agile.

“The right solution can make the call centre more efficient so that the cost-to-income ratio is reduced and every customer interaction is profitable,” McLeod says. “If you consider a hypothetical contact centre with 100 agents handling 100 calls a day, and by using technology one could cut the call-handling time by just one second per call, the centre is able to service more customers, more effectively with the same number of agents.”
Even more importantly, customer satisfaction improves with a solution which focuses on first contact resolution and provides agents with the visual tools they need to locate critical team resources immediately as well as communicate from within their workflow applications. All of these capabilities contribute to one overarching goal – to spend more quality time with customers.
“It’s all about the best use of available resources. By building virtual teams and developing expertise in the call centre, companies can ensure a smooth customer experience,” McLeod says.
Commenting on the importance of selecting the right technology, McLeod says it is vital to identify a vendor with a long-term partnership approach rather than a fundamental service provider which supplies ‘cookie cutter’ systems to all its clients.
“In addition, the organisation needs to be willing to change business processes so that they make sense in the call centre environment,” he says. “As a thought leader in this field, Siemens is able to explain why this is necessary and how the right business processes add value. We take care to understand the business, know its challenges and how they should be addressed.
“An effective contact centre solution adds value by creating capacity, enhancing efficiency and allowing agents to be more agile. Each interaction with a customer can be profitable, and customers can be consistently satisfied with the service they receive, ensuring repeat business for the organisation.”