A new Web site, IwantAJob.co.za, is due to be launched in South Africa in February.

The site allows people looking for new jobs, or simply looking for a job due to unemployment, to advertise for free – with potential employers able to access profiles for as little as R2.00 to R30.00, thereby cutting down on huge recruitment costs.
The site is to be launched by entrepreneur Christopher Riley – also the founder and CEO of notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company (www.notebook.co.za).
The site is expected to be a big boon to the unemployed, as well as helping companies to find the right staff without having to pay huge recruiting fees, or having to rely on employing friends or  family on hearsay, which, can, at the end of the day, end up being disastrous.
Says Riley: "In this day and age in South Africa where there are so many people unemployed I believe that employees should have a facility to start advertising themselves. It gives them the chance to profile themselves, and explain exactly what their experiences are and what they are prepared to work for.
"If companies know what some people are prepared to work for they can decide themselves if they want to hire them. Currently the system works as follows, if I may draw a comparison: if I want to buy myself a 2003-2005 BMW X5 3.0L Diesel Turbo motor vehicle I look for adverts and contact the advertisers. But as an advertiser I get people offering me all kinds of vehicles I don't really need – or I end up with a vehicle that I don't want.
"It is the same in job recruiting: you, as an employer, are looking for a specific talent and you get bombarded by a myriad of inappropriate candidates. It takes time and money to sift through all of this. Employers often end up with the wrong staff member – which is costly to the company."
Riley believes that by changing hiring from "push" to "pull"  a large segment of unemployed people will have the opportunity to join the work force.
"In addition, unhappy staff feeling that they earn to little can rather advertise themselves and move on, instead of doing their reputation's damage – and damage to the the companies they are working for. This might even limit strikes," he points out.
IwantAJob.co.za is expected to be live by early February.