Fujitsu Siemens Computers reports that, from April to September 2007, the company increased its profit before tax from four to 14-million euros and its operational profit by 11% to 20-million euros. The company recorded 3,011-billion euros in revenue, which is a slight decrease of 2%, reflecting the company’s strategic business changes and the difficult market environment.

“We achieved our goal of strengthening profit before tax and operational profit. I am proud that we accomplished this while taking strategic decisions to focus on Managed Services as well as our realignment efforts in the consumer area, even though this had an effect on our short-term performance,” says Bernd Bischoff, President and CEO Fujitsu Siemens Computers.
A positive contribution to revenue was the above-market growth of 11% in the industry-standard server business and the 14% growth in consumer mobiles.
Revenue was impacted by the decision to shift break-fix service business to partners and to focus more on Managed Services as well as the decision to concentrate on profitable deals in the consumer business. Revenue and profit in the hardware business were also affected by a larger than 10% decline in Average Selling Price.
”We also managed to hold our revenue almost stable despite an extremely tough market environment with double-digit declining average selling prices, negative revenue growth of IT hardware in Western Europe and Germany, and a weak dollar,” says Bischoff.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers has outlined its growth potentials to ensure further success. The company will continue to put its efforts in line with its strategic focus on Mobility and the Dynamic Data Center, delivering mobility and infrastructure solutions with associated service offerings. The now completely integrated Service Division will focus more on the fast-growing market of Managed Services.
Bischoff adds: “I am convinced that we have taken the right decisions for our long-term growth and sustainability. We see increasing demand for our merged service and platform offerings, our innovative Dynamic Data Center solutions, our new notebook family and of course Green IT.”
For the second-half of the fiscal year (ending 31 March 2008) Fujitsu Siemens Computers is expecting the IT market to show a slight increase in demand and is estimating a stronger revenue and profit growth for the company.