Expanding its lineup of consumer-friendly, easy-to-use external hard drives, Western Digital Corp. is delivering its My Book family of storage appliances with capacities of 1Tb and 500Gb. The products are distributed by Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

Jenny Rex, sales director at DCC, says: "From remote access and sharing anywhere in the world to simple add-on storage and back up, the My Book family meets a variety of needs generated by today's increasingly large files from digital pictures, HD (high definition) video and music. WD's My Book family includes My Book World, My Book Pro, My Book Premium and My Book Essential Editions.
"Consumers are inundated with a plethora of devices that create rich multimedia content – from digital cameras to music players to video camcorders. The My Book family of external drives delivers peace of mind in a simple solution to remotely access, share, protect and store precious files."
WD's popular My Book family is designed to be as easy to use for mainstream consumers as common household appliances. The unique remote-access of WD's My Book World Edition storage system offers a surprisingly simple and secure way to access and share data, photos, and music at home, in the office, and anywhere in the world–even when your local computer is off.
WD's My Book Pro, Premium and Essential Editions are the easiest way to add extra storage to a PC or Mac and offer plenty of room to back up and store precious data. Each member of the My Book family solves storage needs for the variety of consumers and their respective purposes: from simple, plug-and-play backup to high-performance additional storage for massive audio/video projects.
The My Book family of storage appliances with capacities of 1Tb and 500Gb are available at select retail stores and from DCC's resellers.