SanDisk has launched a massive patent infringement case against a slew of memory and MP3 vendors, including big names such as A-Data, Imation/Memorex, Kingston, LG Electronics, Transcend and Verbatim. 

The company has filed three patent infringement actions against 25 companies that manufacture, sell and import USB flash drives, CompactFlash cards, multimedia cards, MP3/media players and/or other removable flash storage products.
The actions, filed in the US District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin and in the US International Trade Commission (ITC), allege that the defendants have infringed various SanDisk system-level patents, and seek damages and a permanent injunction in the federal court actions, as well as a permanent exclusion order from the ITC banning importation of the products into the US.
Earle Thompson, chief intellectual property counsel at SanDisk, comments: "Our goal is to resolve these matters by offering the defendants the opportunity to participate in our patent licensing program for card and system technology. Otherwise, we will aggressively pursue these actions, seeking a prompt judicial resolution awarding damages, obtaining injunctive relief and banning importation of infringing product."  
In the ITC action, SanDisk is suing numerous companies for infringement of five SanDisk patents, including: ACP-EP Memory, A-Data, Apacer, Behavior Computer, Buffalo, Chipsbank, Corsair Memory, Dane-Elec, Edge, Imation/Memorex, Interactive Media,. Kaser, Kingston, LG Electronics, Phison Electronics, PNY, PQI, Silicon Motion, Skymedi, Transcend, TSR, USBest, Verbatim, Welldone Company and Zotek/Zodata.
In the first Wisconsin District Court case, SanDisk is suing the same companies for infringement of the five patents also at issue in the ITC complaint.
At the same time, in the second Wisconsin District Court case, SanDisk is suing numerous companies for infringement of an additional two patents that are not
involved in the ITC action or the first Wisconsin District Court case, including:  Data, Apacer, Behavior Computer, Buffalo, Dane-Elec, Kingston, Phison Electronics, PQI, PNY, Skymedi, Silicon Motion, Transcend , USBest, Verbatim and Zotek/Zodata (d/b/a Huke)