Duxbury Networking will now be making Colubris Networks wireless networking products available in South Africa.

Founded in 2000, Colubris Networks is a leading global vendor of wireless LAN networking solutions.
“Duxbury Networking has identified a huge growth in the market for wireless networking products,” says Graham Duxbury, CEO of Duxbury Networking. “In providing our partners and customers with the top wireless networking gear and training available, Duxbury Networking is now partnering with Colubris Networks to provide its exciting range of 802.11n-ready wireless solutions to the local market.”
He says that Colubris Networks products in the wireless LAN (WLAN) arena are known for their innovation and quality in providing flexible solutions for wireless voice, data and video networking.
“For example, the Colubris Intelligent Mobility Solution is a complete, optimised WLAN switching system that enables enterprises to extend the services of their wired network to wireless users. It is easily managed and delivers high value in diversifying enterprise applications,” says Duxbury. “This award-winning solution is one example of the exciting Colubris Networks products that Duxbury Networking looks forward to supplying.”
Other products include controllers, access points, client bridging devices, WLAN accessories and network management tools.
“Colubris products are widely used in South Africa today.  Major carriers and ISPs have deployed the products in centrally managed Wi-Fi installations in major hotel chains all over South Africa. Duxbury Networking is a perfect partner for Colubris to address the Enterprise Wireless LAN in South Africa and other countries in sub-Sahara Africa," says Harry Stevens, sales director for Colubris Networks.
“Duxbury Networking is committed to addressing customer and partner’s needs in offering them a wide choice of flexible and robust wireless networking solutions,” says Duxbury. “As such the Colubris Networks range of wireless products are now available to our customers.”