Technology is at the heart of business expansion in Africa.

So claims Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys, who says that the continued integration of infrastructure designed to improve human resource operations within companies is an ongoing trend and catalyst for socio-economic change. Opportunities are expected to materialize in the form of job creation, skills development, foreign investment and business lead generation.
Schroenn points out that in many developing markets in Africa information and communication technology literacy, skills development as well as effective recruitment of skills sets are viewed as priority areas. So too is technology and its place in addressing challenges and driving up the demand for turnkey solutions that automate HR and payroll functions.
“The market is aware of the value to business that effective solutions can offer, particularly as it pertains to the management of people. To be effective the technology must integrate seamlessly with existing systems and enhance those operations that are in place. This is where the company experiences a return on investment,’ she says.
”We have noticed substantial growth within the retail, manufacturing and hospitality sectors within a number of emerging markets in Africa. At the same time the continent remains a priority for suppliers because of its size, its rate of development and potential for growth. Whilst it is rich in human resource availability, there is a need for skills development and training. This is why credible, experienced outsourced partners and service providers can make a significant difference,” she adds.
Accsys continues to successfully carve out a secure channel to business within the greater emerging market in Africa, using its Active Distribution Services (ADS) campaign to woo potential resellers throughout the region.
ADS is a multi-tier accreditation program established by Accsys that defines the scope of the company’s relationship with prospective dealers.
“Our objective is to expand our base of resellers throughout Africa in the next three to five years. We recognise the fact that resellers operate in different markets with varying levels of resource and will therefore have different requirements. This is why the program is based on a three-tier structure, namely Silver, Gold and Platinum.
It is the foundation upon which we establish and maintain the partnership. The program we have in place is based on the support and development of an indirect sales channel, and focused exposure to Accsys’ product and solution range, which includes third party or OEM products and solutions,” adds Schroenn.
“Ultimately our goal is to enrich our reseller base through business lead generation, proven client service methodologies and financial reward.”
To date Accsys has in place a number of key relationships with clients, customers, resellers and partners throughout Africa.
These include the Polana Serena Hotel in Mozambique, Botswana Postal Services, Next Technologies in Zambia, Keughne & Nagel as well as The Leaf Tobacco Co. in Tanzania and Angola, Limber Leaf in Malawi, Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco and Swaziland Fruit Canners, Swaziland Treasury, Swaziland Electrical Board, Swaziland Environmental Authority and KPMG Swaziland.
The fishing industry in Namibia is also an Accsys stronghold including Pescanova and SeaFlower.
"We are pleased to have successfully established the Accsys service level and offering in Africa. The challenge is to continue to reinforce investment in technology with knowledge capital, to establish and nurture relationships and capitalise off key opportunities going forward,” adds Schroenn.