HP yesterday introduced a centralised, hardened security appliance to help data centre managers improve privacy compliance and reduce the risk of costly data-loss due to theft.

The HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager consolidates key management for encryption devices deployed in enterprise and mid-sized businesses. Security is improved by providing a single control point across the data centre.
The company also announced the HP StorageWorks 9000 Virtual Library System, which provides scalable backup and recovery of data.
Removable media and portable devices, such as tape cartridges and notebook PCs, carry substantial security risks. HP ProtectTools, an existing HP software suite, significantly reduces these risks for notebook PCs. HP Secure Key Manager extends that security to the data centre.
“The holistic approach of HP Secure Advantage to address enterprise-wide security is evident in HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager,” says Jon Oltsik, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, an industry analyst firm. “HP clearly understands all of the complexities in securing a corporate infrastructure and is one of the first vendors to deliver a comprehensive solution to address security concerns for the enterprise and mid-size corporate data centre.”
Introduced at Storage Networking World Europe, Secure Key Manager will initially support HP LTO-4 enterprise-class tape libraries. It is the latest addition to the HP Secure Advantage portfolio of software, hardware and services, which provides integrated security from the desktop to the data centre. Security is a key enabler of HP’s Adaptive Infrastructure portfolio, which helps customers evolve to a next-generation data centre.
"Privacy and disclosure regulations drive the demand for key management solutions to mitigate risks,” says Yesh Surjoodeen, business unit manager: StorageWorks Division at HP South Africa. “Secure Key Manager is the first step in our plan to offer centralised encryption key management services that span across storage, servers, application and network domains in the enterprise.”
Secure Key Manager offers identity-based access, administration and logging, which provides strong auditable security measures for customers.
With lifetime key archival and automatic multi-site key replication, Secure Key Manager provides high-availability clustering and failover capabilities to safeguard keys and reduce bottlenecks during high transaction periods.
The HP StorageWorks 9000 Virtual Library System provides scalable backup and recovery that accelerates performance in complex storage-area network environments.
Integrating seamlessly into existing data protection solutions, the Virtual Library System enables a two-stage backup strategy with initial backups to disk, followed by data encryption and migration to tape.
Drive encryption for HP ProtectTools encodes every bit of information on hard drives in notebook PCs so that it becomes unreadable to an unauthorised person. This feature ensures sensitive information cannot be accessed if the notebook or hard drive is lost or stolen. All critical personal and business data stored on personal hard drives is made safe without user intervention.
Drive encryption is a standard feature in all b-class or higher HP business notebooks, offering hands-off secure data encryption at no additional cost.