Lenovo is gearing up for a competitive 2008, especially when it comes to selling its notebooks and PCs through the reseller channel. Demonstrating how seriously it's taking this model, the company this week approved 10 new positions in its channel organisation. 

The PC manufacturer already enjoys a close relationship with its distribution partners, but has committed to strengthening this and working on increasing the number and skills of reseller partners.
Mathias Schaedel, vice-president for Lenovo EMEA South-East, explains that the company still works with the traditional base of IBM partners, who tend to be systems integrators.
"We absolutely still work with these partners, but there are also hundreds of resellers out there able to serve the medium-size market.
"We are soon to launch our next wave of partner programmes and loyalty programmes, demonstrating that we are committed to the total market."
Schaedel says the 10 new jobs that Lenovo South Africa has identified are for sales-orientated people who will support the reseller channel.
He says there are no plans afoot to change the distribution model, but will work with its distributors to grow the reseller base.
Schaedel points out that South Africa is enjoying a huge amount of focus from the company, which – as an emerging market company itself – is committed to investing in and growing other emerging markets.
"Typically, these markets come last in many companies' planning. But we've said we need to walk the talk and, if we're serious about that, they have to come first.
"This is where the growth is, and where the market is. We believe this will be a growing market going forward and there are lots of opportunities. That's why we want to be here."