eBucks has announced the return of its popular online Lotto subscription service from 14 November 2007. 

Members will once again be able to use their free eBucks to buy Lotto subscriptions via the eBucks shop on www.eBucks.com, which was recently named in World Wide Worx’s 2007 Online Retail Report as one of the two major online malls in South Africa.
eBucks CEO, Lezanne Human, explains that Lotto subscriptions have always been hugely popular with eBucks members.
“eBucks was the first and until recently was the only legal online supplier of Lotto tickets. Since first introducing Lotto subscriptions to the eBucks shop in 2003, our members have spent approximately eB130-million (which is worth R13-million) on Lotto subscriptions. Even members with a low balance are able to play Lotto with their free eBucks and giving members these kinds of spend opportunities is one of the reasons that we were named as the rewards programme that members get the most value out of.”
eBucks offers its members the widest range of choice of any rewards programme in South Africa – not just the choice of rewards, but also in the range of channels available to members to spend their eBucks through. eBucks can be spent in the eBucks shop, at eBucks auctions, through eBucks travel, with eBucks’ Internet partners or in store at eBucks’ retail partners with the eBucks card.
As at 30 September 2007, eBucks had over 1,2-million members and had allocated more than R940-million worth of eBucks to its members in seven years.