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AmVia brings professional services to fax server market


AmVia, a provider of fax solutions and services, has launched a number of new service offerings in its Professional Services division.

This is in recognition of the fact that fax is mission-critical in nature, given the pressures of regulatory compliance, the dictates of the National Credit Act, and increasing awareness that e-mail as a business medium does not meet governance requirements, whereas fax does.
"Most private- and public-sector organisations simply cannot do business without fax," says Craig Freer, GM of AmVia, the local distributor of RightFax, and the dominant provider of fax solutions and services, with more than 70% market share.
"Volumes of fax continue to rise, and for many thousands of organisations, fax is a critical service. If their fax infrastructure goes down, the risk of monetary and reputational risk is severe. For this reason, we have developed a number of services to meet customer service, strategic and financial requirements.
"We have found that most organisations are not running their fax environments in accordance with global best practice. In fact, most fax environments are inefficient, with significant potential for improvement."
AmVia offers its customers a strategic consulting programme. Consultants review a customer's entire fax strategy, and benchmark the existing infrastructure against best practice, perform a gap analysis, and then design a programme for best-practice alignment.
"We validate this programme with Captaris, the principal of RightFax, and then measure it on a quarterly basis, and guide our customers' evolution to world-class status."
The consulting focuses on the five pillars of fax: integration with multifunction devices, production fax, desktop fax, archiving and workflow as it relates to critical fax delivery The outcome for customers is a fax environment with optimal availability, cost reductions and operational excellence, and all in line with overall IT strategy.
To support the outcomes of the above, AmVia's service level agreements have been structured into three tiers: Silver, Gold or Platinum, in line with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework, and according to differing client requirements. They feature elements such as proactive incident management and resolution; automated incident reporting; helpdesk; configuration management; management of new releases and updates; and recovery services.
These comprehensive SLA deliverables have been incorporated into AmVia's managed services and outsource engagements, which can be tailored to suit any customer's unique requirements. These allow AmVia to offer a fax server environment managed entirely by the company, on-site or off-site, depending on what the customer needs. "We own, manage or maintain the infrastructure, and we charge our customer on an annual, quarterly, per-page, per-fax or per-user basis – whichever model works best for them," says Freer.
"Each customer's fax environment is unique, but we can confidently predict a reduction in total cost of ownership, improved compliance and reduced business and technology risk ," says Freer.
At the same time, AmVia has introduced Vbill, a new product to reduce the cost of faxing. Vbill makes use of least-cost routing for RightFax traffic, and can be offered as either a standalone offering or as part of broader managed or outsource service. The cost savings are given as a rebate, with up to 15% of outbound traffic costs offset against the outbound traffic bill, or any other service offering from AmVia.
All of AmVia's services are centred on RightFax as the technology of choice. "We can offer various business and pricing models so customers of all sizes can have their own RightFax environment, run on best-practice principles. Now all customers can benefit from and afford to use RightFax, the global leader in fax servers."