Secure e-mail and Web gateway security provider Marshal has released WebMarshal 6.0, the Web security solution that goes beyond simple URL filtering to provide realtime website classification and malware detection, as well as comprehensive content scanning for all downloaded and uploaded content at the Web gateway.

Marshal products are distributed in South Africa by 10Net.
By providing comprehensive Web access control and enforcement, complete threat protection and data leakage prevention in a single integrated package, WebMarshal 6.0 is the most complete solution available on the market.
Mike Hibbert, director MEA and emerging markets at Marshal, says: “We’ve recently seen an increase in demand for more Internet gateway solutions that provide security beyond common URL filtering. WebMarshal 6.0 has made significant strides in this area, delivering an integrated threat management solution with URL and AV filtering, malware detection and content scanning to prevent both inbound threats and outbound data leakage at the Web gateway, all without performance latency.”
WebMarshal 6.0’s architecture, scalability and malware scanning provide advanced security features to automatically monitor and manage inbound and outbound content and browsing at the Web gateway, taking the burden off administrators and easing the management of large environments. Designed to benefit businesses of any size, WebMarshal 6.0 prevents malware threats, protects employees and networks from viruses and unwanted content, stops data leakage and helps companies enforce acceptable use policies and comply with industry and government security regulations and mandates.
“With Internet threats becoming more malicious and the workforce increasingly mobile, organisations are demanding comprehensive Web gateway solutions that provide both inbound and outbound protection,” says Hibbert.
“WebMarshal 6.0 goes beyond simple URL filtering that controls where users are allowed to visit on the Internet. It controls what they can do when they get there. WebMarshal manages what files and textual content users can download and upload and, through quota management, how much time they can spend on specified sites and how much bandwidth they can consume over a given timeframe.”
WebMarshal 6.0 includes a new enterprise-ready architecture featuring a centralised array manager that acts as the central configuration and management point from single-server installations to arrays of hundreds of nodes, even supporting distributed environments.
The array manager simplifies administration by:
* Automating the distribution of configuration updates to an unlimited number of nodes;
* Offering consistent integrated content filtering, anti-malware and URL filtering at the Web gateway to protect organisations against inbound threats and prevent outbound data leakage in realtime;
* Allowing automatic keyword detection in text uploaded to the web and restrictions on the types of files unauthorised users can upload to prevent data leakage;
* Providing greater administration controls, including a unique content-type detection capability that manages bandwidth by identifying and blocking selective file content, including streaming media before the data transfer begins; and
*  Keeping traffic logs for analysis and reporting and a streamlined user interface with drag-and-drop rule implementation and full rule and policy testing.
“With three times the functionality, WebMarshal 6.0 is priced at half the cost of the closest competitor. Existing WebMarshal customers with current maintenance agreements can upgrade to WebMarshal 6.0 free of charge,” says Hibbert.
This advanced new product offers Marshal customers leading functionality in a scalable package that can meet the security needs of any organisation. WebMarshal 6.0 demonstrates that Marshal is delivering on its multi-platform strategy and achieving the vision of providing enterprise-level threat protection to companies of all sizes.