Combining Sony’s expertise in videoconferencing and high-end desktop LCD technology, the new PCS-TL33 is a new solution for desktop conferencing over IP and boasts and attractive price.

New features of the system includes the “kiosk mode”, where customers can achieve bespoke graphical user interfaces such as adding their logo, creating customised backgrounds and generating quick-dial buttons.
“This application has huge potential,” says Will Klopper, manager: professional products at Sony SA. “We are already seeing considerable interest from many of our customers, especially in the banking and consultancy sectors who are increasingly looking at innovative technology to enhance their customer service.
"Banks want to keep personal one to one interaction as it is key to good customer service. The PCS-TL33 allows them to not only continue excellent customer contact through face to face communication, but also enhance their customer service offering by being able to put forward the most appropriate person to deal with the customer’s enquiry from a central location, giving specialised expertise. Unmanned branches, achieving high levels of customer service and improving economies of scale are now possible."
The PCS-TL33 boasts a all-in-one sleek design including a 17-inch LCD monitor to display both PC data and live videoconferencing images, with built in camera, 17.1-inch Wide XGA LCD microphone, speakers and videoconferencing codec. The screen can double as a PC monitor making efficient use of the desk space.
The TL33 runs on standard IP networks like broadband internet as well as corporate IP networks making it a perfect match for the SOHO/SME market space and equally adept in larger corporate situations. It complies with the H.264 video codec standard in addition to previously installed versions of ITU codecs allowing for excellent interoperability with third party vendors and legacy systems.
High quality audio is achieved through MPEG-4 AAC wide band audio standard and the built-in dual integrated speakers and microphone. Together with the embedded advanced echo canceller, the TL33 provides crisp and clear audio that outperforms conventional speaker-phone systems. This is particularly important when using the TL33 in an open-plan office space or larger offices where the acoustic conditions can be more difficult and echoes are prevalent.
With the optional PCSA-DSM1 Data Solution Module, neatly integrated into the rear of the unit, the PCS-TL33 is capable of sending or receiving any image that can be displayed on a PC in native XGA resolution during a videoconference. Furthermore the DSM1 unit provides a second video output to display the live PC data on a projector whilst allowing the user to continue with the live video communication on the screen of the PCS-TL33. This way the TL33 can be used as a communications tool for small groups.
The PCS-TL33 comes with embedded standards based encryption to safeguard video, audio and data against un-authorised interception. This ensures that confidential information remains secure throughout the conference. The TL33 can connect at speeds up to 2 mbps over IP networks and advanced Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that the audio and video quality will remain stable even during fluctuating network conditions. Adaptability, efficiency and quality remain integral to the PCS-TL33 offering.