Following the Jake White debacle – the latest in a long list – a website has been launched aimed at petitioning one million South African rugby supporters to ensure their collective voice is heard by the powers that be.

The new site, , is probably too late to save White's job as Springbok coach, but says that it's time for loyal supporters to make their presence felt.
"If, like us, you have been outraged by the events in SA Rugby of the last few days, then this is the place you can make a difference!" the site says. "It’s time for SA to feel the power of true democracy in action. The Web gives you a real voice. Let’s make sure we use it!"
It adds that its objectives and goals are simple:
We want to show our solidarity with the Jake White. A man who has led his nation to victory and yet has been treated so appallingly by rugby administrators.
We want to collect a minimum of one million names of individuals across the full spectrum of South Africa who are equally outraged as ourselves.
We want to put pressure on the Rugby powers that be that this sport does not belong to a few administrators, but to the nation as a whole.
We want to set a precedent that, in future, all SA rugby coaches will be supported and be allowed to carry on with the job free, from political and other interference. It’s vital that we take a stand now for all future coaches.
We’ll stay in touch with you in the forthcoming weeks and let you know how, by using our collective voice; the South African rugby public are making a difference!
"The South African Rugby public will no longer be treated with disdain by the administrators," it adds. "We will not be bullied and we are not gullible. The time has come for the South African Rugby public to hold the administrators to account!"