AmVia is offering customers a $100-a-port rebate when they upgrade their Brooktrout fax boards. This is in line with the offer from Cantata Technology, which manufactures Brooktrout.

"Many customers are candidates for upgrading from their old working fax boards to Brooktrout TR1034 or Brooktrout SR140 platforms," says Boudje Giljam, sales and marketing director of AmVia.
"Among the business drivers for upgrading is the urgent need to evolve from traditional fax to IP fax with all the cost savings and architectural benefits it brings. This cost reduction, per port, will help them make that decision more readily."
AmVia's Brooktrout customers have between two and 30 ports per Brooktrout fax card. This means a rebate of between $200 and $3 000 per upgrade, claimed back directly from Cantata.
Other benefits to be had in upgrading are:
* A move from traditional TDM (time division multiplex) to IP;
* Migration from uPCI to the latest PCI Express standard; and
* Evolution from slower speeds to v.34.
AmVia integrates Brooktrout fax boards with RightFax to deliver a complete fax server solution.