Dell yeserday introduced a new workstation, the Dell Precision T3400, designed to help customers raise their expectations when evaluating mainstream systems.

“The Dell Precision T3400 redefines the levels of performance and flexibility customers should expect from mainstream workstations,” says Ben McDonald, client products brand manager at Dell South Africa. “We are reinforcing our market leadership position by delivering leading-edge features such as dual graphics and higher bandwidth processors and memory that customers could not get in this type of system before.”
Dell Precision has been the world’s top-selling line of professional workstations for the past eight years. Dell simplifies its workstation line by designing and certifying its platforms with more than 27 independent software vendors, supporting 63 different applications and services. This gives professional workstation customers true “peace of mind” when running high performance applications in fields that include engineering, digital content creation, scientific, finance and software development.
Key features of the Dell Precision T3400 include a single processor socket supports new IntelCore2 Duo and Extreme processors for tangible performance benefits. These processors feature the new IntelCore  microarchitecture with the Intel X38 Express chipset. This provides a shorter pipeline, lower clock speeds and higher (1,333MHz) front-side bus speeds to help deliver performance gains over comparable IntelPentiumD and Extreme Edition processors.
It also boasts extensive memory and storage options. The Dell Precision T3400 supports 800Mhz ECC memory from 1GB to 8GB. Customers can order the system with up to four hard drives and choose from a range of SATA and SAS options and RAID configurations.
The T3400 includes industry-leading workstation-class graphics options, from entry-level 2D to high-end 3D. For demanding 3D applications, the Dell PrecisionT3400 is available with the latest NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600. The Dell Precision T3400 also supports dual graphics configurations and supports up to four external displays.
A smart compact chassis allows for both mini-tower and desktop orientations and features rotating optical drives that can be installed horizontally or vertically for optimal loading and functionality.
The Dell Precision T3400 is available immediately, with pricing starting at R10 490.00  including of VAT and delivery.