Nashua Mobile Internet has increased the storage space allocated to its free and paid-for POP mailboxes from 200Mb to 4Gb, with immediate effect. All current POP mailbox customers will be upgraded. 

The company's iBurst and HSDPA subscribers are each given a free mailbox, while other customers can get a 4Gb mailbox for R25.00 a month.
Nashua Mobile's e-mail solution includes full anti-virus scanning and spam filtering, ensuring clean and filtered e-mail to the end-user. E-mail can be accessed through an easy to use web interface, on a smartphone, or using a standard POP3 client on a personal computer.
Mark Taylor, MD of Nashua Mobile: "As people adopt broadband solutions at home and in the office, they begin to send and receive larger e-mails.  End-users today are not only sending and receiving basic documents and text files, but are also using e-mail to share large image, music and video files with each other.
"Our large mailbox size means that users can send and receive big files without needing to worry about running out of space. Nashua Mobile respects the privacy of its users and does not try to make money by exposing its subscribers to advertising or pop-ups through their mailbox."
Nashua Mobile Internet offers a full portfolio of Internet access offerings including fixed-line; wireless Broadband from iBurst and Sentech; and, of course, cellular technologies (including GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA) from all three mobile operators. In addition, the company offers services such as website design and website/e-mail hosting, e-commerce, anti-virus, mobile personal information management and anti-spam.
Nashua Mobile recently signed a wholesale agreement with Telkom to offer its customers bundled ADSL connectivity and lines at highly competitive prices.
"This set of solutions means that we can help any subscriber to find the right broadband choice for their needs, and then back up the Internet access solution with a range of services that help him or her to make the most of broadband's potential," says Taylor. "The new 4Gb mailbox is just one example of the value that Nashua Mobile aims to wrap around its basic voice and data services."