Overland Storage has introduced the REO 9100c, which adds hardware compression to the high-end model of the REO SERIES family of versatile, disk-based backup, recovery and virtual tape library (VTL) appliances. The new product delivers superior data backup, recovery and retention capabilities by doubling the amount of data that can be stored on the REO 9100 and connected expansion arrays.

Says Anamika Ramdass, Overland Product Manager at distributor Drive Control Corporation: "This effectively provides our resellers with the opportunity to deliver 'more bang for their clients' buck'. Customers can maximise their storage investment which is particularly relevant in an age where retention strategies, often driven by corporate governance and compliance, require businesses to store more information and thus spend more on storage."
The REO 9100c leverages the proven design of the REO family to provide flexible functionality when configured as a VTL, standalone virtual tape drives and/or disk volumes (LUNs). The combination of hardware compression with Overland's patent-pending Dynamic Virtual Tape (DVT) technology, which lets users create virtual tape cartridges that automatically expand or shrink to match capacity requirements, yields unprecedented VTL efficiencies and cost savings.
More economical retention of data on disk conserves valuable power and rack space while also lowering administrative overhead.
In addition to hardware compression, the REO 9100c takes advantage of the advanced features and functionality on the 9100 platform, including:
* Up to 66 TBs of raw data capacity, which can be compressed to 114 TBs of usable virtual tape capacity;
* User-definable VTL with up to 32 virtual tape drives, 512 virtual cartridges and six library partitions;
* Dual next-generation SATA RAID controllers;
* Multiple 4Gbps Fibre Channel or iSCSI host connectivity;
* RAID 5 protection;
* Near-instantaneous data recovery using direct access disk technology; and
* Robust, Web-based set-up and proactive monitoring.
Ramdass continues: "The REO 9100c is ideally suited for companies seeking an affordable and reliable solution for improving backup performance and reliability. It expedites data recovery as well as increases disk-based data retention. When configured with Overland's unique DVT technology, the 9100c significantly lowers management time and overall costs as users can set the configuration once and remain confident that it's optimised for capacity use, eliminating the need to reconfigure the REO as their backup jobs grow or shrink."
According to Heidi Biggar, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, a recent survey found that 64% of respondents either have deployed or are intending to implement VTL solutions over the next 12 to 24 months.
"More and more end users are turning to VTL for its backup performance, scalability and ease of use, moving away from tape and the media management and associated costs that go with that type of data protection infrastructure," she says. "By integrating hardware compression into its REO 9100 platform, Overland allows users to back up more data to the same amount of physical disk capacity."