Airborne Consulting, niche Cape-based  Microsoft Gold Partner, has announced its reseller partnership with ConceptSearching, a US-based technology developer that has already made good ground with South African enterprise clients since its introduction to the local market in March 2007.

ConceptSearching (CS) automatically identifies the most significant patterns in any text and uses these compound terms to rank results based on an understanding of meaning rather than simply based on finding the required words. This is significantly more adaptive and flexible than exact phrase or proximity searching. Also, queries can be expressed in natural language, with no need for complex query syntax associated with traditional Boolean techniques.
The product is the first true concept search engine in that it combines Bayesian Inference with Shannon's Information Theory to correctly weight not only single words but also compound terms (such as multi-word phrases). Since most concepts are expressed in short phrases, rather than in single words used in isolation, this unique technology is being used to build ground-breaking applications.
Sean O'Connell, MD of Airborne, says: "CS is tightly coupled to Microsoft’s Sharepoint portal platform and search offering and is thus a good strategic fit for Airborne, addressing a growing need for a succinct and accurate search solution by augmenting Sharepoint’s search capabilities.”
The product has the ability to create a seamless, managed and secure taxonomy which improves with usage. Its intelligence augments search criteria to significantly improve hit rates, making searches and users more effective. Repeatable searches (as a result of R&D for example) can be made available as web services or to discreet audiences based on Active Directory permissions. An example of practical usage is with tertiary institutions where one can use an entire document or paragraph to determine plagiarism.
“We believe the product is competitively priced and exploits the latest SOA technology, making it ideal for seamless integration with existing solutions," says O'Connell. "Essentially a set of APIs rather than an application, its architecture aligns well with the current strategies of the large corporate, and we already have a healthy sales pipeline in place.”
Martin Garland, president of ConceptSearching, adds: “ConceptSearching specifically approached Airborne Consulting to be a key reseller and services partner within South Africa. Airborne are one of the most respected Microsoft Gold partners, have a wealth of knowledge in key markets, notably the insurance sector, and fully understand the value proposition to their customers of including our technologies within their solution delivery. We firmly believe that partnering with Airborne will extend our reach and deliver high quality service to our customers in South Africa."