CA has announced the availability of CA IAM r12, a new version of its identity and access management (IAM) solution that helps customers more securely and efficiently enable their businesses with service oriented architecture (SOA) and Web services.

CA IAM r12 provides the identity lifecycle management, access management, workflow automation, delegated administration, reporting, federation and other capabilities IT organisations require to efficiently and securely deliver critical business services and provide internal and external users with an enhanced customer experience —regardless of platform.
The new version:
* Enhances security controls for emerging SOA architectures and other application architectures on both distributed and mainframe platforms.
* Facilitates the extension of IAM capabilities to all business services across the enterprise to support policy-based security and governance.
* Eases regulatory compliance and governance by automating IAM-related controls, providing security policy analysis and comprehensive reporting.
* Increases inter-enterprise business enablement through enhanced identity federation.
* Provides support for IPv6 and FIPS PUB 140-2 for added security.
"CA IAM is the cornerstone solution within CA’s Security Management offerings and is an essential component of an integrated approach to IT management. As IT organisations are called upon to provide a wider range of services to more users and user communities — and as IT security controls come under increased regulatory scrutiny — the management of identities and access rights is becoming more challenging than ever,” says Dave Hansen, senior vice president and general manager of CA’s Security Management business unit.
“CA IAM r12 addresses this challenge by empowering IT to more effectively and efficiently manage access to data and applications—even in SOA and Web services environments.”
CA is rolling out CA IAM r12 in phases. The first phase features CA SOA Security Manager, an innovative solution that provides comprehensive identity-based Web services security—including authentication, authorisation, auditing and protection against XML threats—all in a single integrated solution. It also includes new versions of CA SiteMinder, CA Directory, and five CA solutions for z/OS.  
“At the same time as it accelerates business innovation and adaptability, SOA also presents serious new management, governance, and security challenges," says Karel Rode, solutions strategist at CA. “To successfully meet these challenges—and fully capitalise on SOA’s potential benefits—IT organisations must adopt best practices and supporting technologies that ensure centralised, policy-based security management for an increasingly dynamic and modular set of IT services. With CA IAM r12, CA is addressing this key technology requirement of the emerging SOA market.”