Support for local-language versions of Wikipedia is growing, with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales lending his support to a group working on an Afrikaans site, as well as addressing an academy on other Wikipedias for other South African languages at CIDA Campus last week. 

Wales was joined by Ndesano Macha, from Swahili Wikipedia, and Frank Schulenburg, from German Wikipedia.
The Afrikaans Wikipedia has already seen some traction, with well over 8 000 articles currently published.
A number of other South African languages have already begun publication, with Zulu Wikipedia boasting 109 articles, 80 in both Venda and Xhosa, 66 in Swati, 44 in Sotho, 41 in Tswana and 16 in Tsonga.
The Cida Campus Academy was aimed at teachine students how to contribute to Wikipedia, specifically in their own languages.