Government departments will be able to slash their fax-to-email costs by up to 45% when they implement a fax system supplied by AmVia and DataPro. 

In a joint venture, the two companies have won a tender from SITA to supply government departments with inbound desktop fax-to-e-mail. The service addresses the issue of telecommunication costs by offering discounted fax-to-e-mail.
This service makes use of an 087 prefix and charges R1,07 per minute as opposed to the traditional 086 vendors, who charge R2,02 per minute. This translates to a 45% discount for the end-user.
The technology assigns a unique 087 number to each user and routes incoming faxes into the user's e-mail inbox as a PDF file.
In terms of the partnership, AmVia will supply the RightFax server back-end and DataPro the network backbone, telecoms infrastructure and 087 licence (granted by Icasa).
DataPro is a member of AltX-listed Vox Telecom, an integrated telecommunications company. AmVia is the authorised distributor for RightFax in South Africa.
"Our solution is suitable for both government and corporate sectors. RightFax technology enables us to significantly reduce the cost of an incoming fax while meeting compliance requirements," says DataPro spokesman Martin Kuhlmann.
"Fax continues to grow in volumes around the world and is still a reliable method of communication," he adds.
"The ability to seamlessly integrate fax and e-mail results in increased convenience, productivity and process efficiency benefits and a 45% saving on every page."