Telecommunications and ICT can be used to save lives in case of disasters or natural emergencies, and world leaders are planning to make sure systems are in place before disasters happen. 

Next month, the ITU will convene the Global Forum on the Effective Use of Telecommunications/ICT for Disaster Management in Genev.
The Forus will map concrete strategies and adopt practical measures for the effective development and deployment of telecommunications and ICT systems for disaster management – preparedness, early warning, relief and response.
While natural hazards cannot be entirely prevented, ICT can be harnessed to t reduce their impact and revive development efforts at the earliest.
ITU will conclude more than 10 strategic partnership agreements and launch a major initiative that seeks to coordinate the deployment of telecommunications/ICT resources for disaster relief and ensure timely and universal access in the immediate aftermath of a disaster strike.
Key components of ITU's emergency telecommunications initiative include:
* ITU Framework for Cooperation in Emergencies (IFCE);
* ITU Network of Volunteers for Emergency Telecommunications (VET); and
* Appointment of a High-Level Panel on Emergency Telecommunications.
In attendance at the Forum will be ministers of communication and humanitarian affairs, heads of UN agencies, regional disaster management organizations, development banks and foundations, non-governmental organizations, CEOs of private sector companies, and international experts