Duxbury Networking has announced the availability of BridgeWave Communications wireless networking products in South Africa.
BridgeWave Communications is the leading supplier of highly-reliable, cost-effective gigabit wireless solutions for enterprise, service provider and government networks.

“BridgeWave Communications provides highly innovative and secure wireless networking solutions and Duxbury Networking is proud and excited to be supplying these to our local partners and customers,” says Graham Duxbury, CEO of Duxbury Networking.
He explains that Duxbury Networking has identified a phenomenal growth in the demand for wireless networking solutions in the local market and is committed to meeting the demand with world-class solutions.
“As part of this commitment, Duxbury Networking’s relationship with BridgeWave Communications will see the further availability of leading wireless networking products in South Africa.
“For example, solutions that make use of BridgeWave’s gigabit point-to-point wireless links that provide fibre-equivalent connections between locations by transmitting data over highly secure 60GHz and 80GHz radio frequencies,” he continues. “This enables wired equivalent speeds of up toGbps.”
BridgeWave Communications products also carry the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), making them so secure that they are relied upon for military applications.
“BridgeWave is pleased to work with Duxbury Networking to accelerate the deployment of GigE wireless links in South Africa,” says Jim McGowan, vice president of strategic and international accounts for BridgeWave Communications. “Our 60GHz and 80GHz wireless links as well as unique AdaptRate and AdaptPath technologies provide Duxbury with a complete portfolio of gigabit wireless solutions that deliver the highest levels of network capacity and service availability.”
“Duxbury Networking will continue to pursue relationships that offer our customers and partners the best wireless networking technologies available,” says Duxbury. “BridgeWave Communications products are now available for order.”