Microsoft has sent out a new release candidate of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 to 15 000 select testers, paving the way for a final SP1 release early in 2008.

Computerworld reports that Vista SP1 RC Preview incorporates feedback from 12 000 previous beta users and includes changes to its setup and installation.
"We will release a [release candidate] of SP1 to a broader group of testers soon," a Microsoft spokeswoman told Computerworld. "And we are targeting the first quarter of 2008 to release SP1 to manufacturing."
Vista, launched with much fanfare at the beginning of the year, has come under continual criticism from users with many large corporates – including the likes of Intel – adopting a "wait and see" attitude before implenting it. Many have openly stated they are waiting for the final release of Vista SP1 before considering deployment.
This is backed by research from Forrester which states that only 7% of US and European companies will have started deploying Vista by the end of this year. The research firm did say this week, though, that this figure will increase to 32% by the end of 2008.