Bytes Systems Integration (Bytes SI) has formalised a strategic alliance with enterprise search technology company Concept Searching, to provide local enterprise customers access to a host of business searching capabilities. 

The products offered by Concept Searching enable enterprise customers to better access the information within their organisations without having to rip out any of their existing technology.
Martin Garland, president of Concept Searching & international operations: "We are very happy to have bedded down our alliance with Bytes SI, an important partner for us in South and southern Africa. Bytes was in fact our first partner in South Africa, and introduced us into the local market. We have, together with the Bytes team, already managed to win business in this market."
Concept Searching has established local representation in South Africa. According to Garland, it is impossible to effectively support customers and partners when on a different continent, our investment locally is testimony to its commitment to South Africa.
The company is also currently Microsoft South Africa's recommended technology of choice for automatic classification and taxonomy management within its enterprise customer base.
The search technology helps enterprises find their business information more effectively and in turn collaborate with that information. Intelligent search technologies such as Compound Term Processing (CTP), allow customers to search through disparate silos of information and then consolidate the collected information into a centralised data repository. Data can then be presented in a simple Web interface or through the Microsoft SharePoint portal interface.
According to Garland, the unique Compound term processing is also used to reduce by up to 80% the time taken to build and maintain taxonomies enabling South African enterprises to now have the tools available at the right cost to refine their data and deliver a better refined user experience to their internal and external customers.
Graeme McKellar, divisional manager at Microsoft Technical Services, says: "The search technology that Concept Searching brings to the table is very relevant for our customers.
"Many of our clients are drowning in their information, much of which is due to its disparate nature, the need to access this data is however a rapidly growing need. With the technology from Concept Sharing, we are now able to offer customers an easy alternative to searching which is quick to implement and can show returns immediately. "Effective enterprise search technologies are designed to buy our customers time, while giving them access to the information they want and need."