Fax solution and service provider AmVia, has brought the Brooktrout Advanced Support programme to South Africa. The programme, well established in the US and Europe, gives customers an instant solution in the event of their Brooktrout fax board failing.

"All electronic devices are prone to failure, at some point in their lifetime," says Boudje Giljam, sales and marketing director of AmVia. "More than 3 000 organisations in South Africa depend on their Brooktrout fax board, which we bundle with RightFax to deliver a complete fax server solution.
"To date, in the event of a board failing, customers had a standard warranty in terms of which they could bring in their board. We test it to see if it is faulty, then we ship it off to Europe to be repaired. Customers have typically had to wait between four and six weeks for a board to be returned. In this time, they could not use their fax servers.
"Most organisations simply cannot wait that long, as fax is truly mission-critical in their business. Accordingly, they have tended to buy a second board and retain it on-site. However, this is a costly approach, and while the customer is holding on to the board, it could be overtaken by new functionality.
"A far better option is to sign on to Brooktrout Advanced Support, a tried and trusted programme, in terms of which we hold spare cards, and replace them immediately within 50km of Johannesburg, and overnight elsewhere in the country. We then take responsibility for the defective board, shipping it off to Europe for repairs."
Brooktrout Advanced Support costs 15% of the list price of the card a year. "It's a small price to pay for complete peace of mind," adds Giljam.
Typical candidates for this programme are medium to large companies with critical fax requirements, but which can't justify the cost of holding spares, and whose business processes are inextricably linked to fax.
The programme applies to the family of TR1034 fax boards. Standard warranty terms remain in place, including five-year hardware warranty.
The combination of Brooktrout and RightFax has become a market standard, with over 1 million Brooktrout fax ports being shipped, and more than 500-billion faxes transmitted via these fax ports since 1992.