Adoption of the Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is on the up in South Africa, as more and more companies begin to recognise the benefits of an international standard to guide and structure their approach to enterprise architecture. 

That's the word from Ian Prinsloo, training manager at Real IRM, the representative of The Open Group in South Africa, who explains that TOGAF is an industry-standard architecture framework that can be used freely by any organisation wanting to develop and implement an information systems architecture internally.
"Whichever metric you use, South African participation in The Open Group is among the highest in the world," says Prinsloo. "We expect this to continue as companies internalise the value of TOGAF."
Among the metrics which reflect the surging adoption of TOGAF are:
* 9% of the members of the Architecture Forum worldwide are South Africa. This is way above the traditional average, which sees ,75% to 1% of South African representation in global economies and industry forums. These members include organisations such as Telkom, Eskom, University of Johannesburg, Investec and Armscor.
* Out of 2 500 certified TOGAF practitioners worldwide, 200 are from South Africa, again way above the global average. These 200 practitioners were certified in the last year, and Prinsloo expects this number to double in the next 12 months.
* The first two Enterprise Architecture Practitioner conferences, held in Cape Town in March 2006 and 2007, attracted just under 200 people each year. This number of delegates is expected to grow each year as the popularity of enterprise architecture as a discipline continues to grow.
* Real IRM has convened and run the Enterprise Architecture Forum in Johannesburg on a monthly basis, attracting a very high quality of attendees, typically around 50, representing a wide spread of corporates. This has spurred the launch of similar forums in Cape Town and Pretoria.
* Real IRM's leadership in the domain of TOGAF has been recognised by the company being contracted to provide training in this field in North America and Europe.
* Stuart Macgregor, CEO of Real IRM, has been involved in the development and evolution of the TOGAF standard, driving the TOGAF 9 standard and leading the mapping of TOGAF 8.1 to COBiT 4.
"There is no doubt that the adoption of TOGAF by international giants such as CapGemini and SAP has given the local market greater confidence in the fact that TOGAF is here to stay," says Prinsloo. "Global membership of CapGemini, HP, IBM, EDS and NEC is further indication of how TOGAF is burgeoning."