Research shows that IT managers could save as much as 80% of their annual expenditure simply by unifying mail systems – and 63% of companies are running multiple systems. 

An independent survey commissioned by Mimecast has revealed that 63% of the UK’s IT managers are deploying more than one email system within their companies. These systems are used for such things as anti-virus, anti-spam, E-mail archiving, E-mail continuity and policy management.
Rather than rolling out multiple systems to manage their companies’ E-mails, IT managers could save as much as 80% of their annual expenditure by deploying a unified email management service.
Such a service would enable IT managers to save time and money by centrally managing, storing and securing all E-mails, to ensure compliance, and maintain a comprehensive record of all email without the need for additional hardware or software.
The survey conducted by e-media generated responses from over 100 IT managers and revealed that 30% rank cost as their biggest inhibitor when determining their E-mail archive policy. Cost was rated the main inhibitor ahead of other factors, including time, difficulty in maintaining back-ups, uncertainty about legislation and unclear guidelines from the business.
However, by implementing a unified email management service rather than separate systems, IT managers could save on the costs of managing emails and reduce the demands made on IT staff.
Peter Bauer, CEO of Mimecast, says: “The survey has revealed that many IT managers are using multiple systems to secure, store and manage their company’s emails. Online archiving with a specialised provider offsite is the only viable approach for long term storage given the budget and resource constraints faced by most organisations.
“Moving away from the traditional approach of deploying separate systems for security, continuity and email archiving not only makes for a more robust approach to information management but also makes better business sense as future costs are easier to anticipate. As the volume of data we exchange by email is predicted to soar, managers need to look to solutions that will consolidate their costs and ensure all email information is easily accessible, searchable, and instantly retrievable at all times.”