Daptiv (previously known as eProject), an on-demand leader in collaborative business software, is standardising on Cognos technology as the business intelligence framework for its new Daptiv PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) offering.

Cognos' innovative architecture, Web-based interface, security, and scalability have made it the perfect business intelligence (BI) product for Software as a Service (SaaS) providers such as Daptiv. Cognos provides enterprise-class BI capabilities to organisations through a low-risk, low-cost hosted environment, helping companies gain better visibility and insight into organizational performance.

Daptiv uses Cognos to power what it calls "Work Intelligence," enabling companies to tap into, analyse and manage all the information and activities associated with team-based collaborative work in the enterprise. Daptiv's fast-growing customer base of more than 700 companies, including BP, Chase Paymentech and Merrill Lynch will now be able to interact with strategic information stored in Daptiv's on-demand service, ultimately making work in the enterprise more visible, more manageable and easier to share across teams and throughout the enterprise.
With the introduction of Daptiv PPM Fall '07 Edition, Daptiv has released the Cognos BI powered "Work Intelligence" solution to more than 50 000 users and plans to make it available to all of its 100 000 users across more than 700 organisations.
"We needed a business intelligence framework that could both help our customers today and scale easily as more and more companies adopt Daptiv PPM.  It was also critical to let our customers extend their own data model and still be able to tap into the power of our work intelligence tools," says Jeff Pancottine, CEO of Daptiv.
"With its clear commitment to SaaS and flexible architecture, Cognos was a natural choice that mapped well to our on-demand offerings. By using Cognos to power the business intelligence capabilities of Daptiv PPM, we are giving our customers easy access to enterprise-class technology from within a Web browser and the familiar Daptiv environment."
 Tom Bannon, group executive for the enterprise project office at Chase Paymentech Solutions, adds: "With the powerful new reporting and analytics from Cognos BI built into Daptiv, we can now quickly create drag-and-drop ad hoc reports that give us valuable insight into our projects and work throughout our organisation.
"From an executive standpoint, I'm pleased with the ability to create custom executive dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of key metrics concerning all of our active projects. Having all of the data and Cognos business intelligence integrated with the Daptiv environment makes our team more efficient and keeps our focus on moving projects to completion."
Jennifer Francis, vice-president: market and business development at Cognos, comments: "Daptiv is quickly emerging as a leading SaaS vendor, providing a great
showcase for Cognos as part of a dynamic SaaS offering. With a broad set of global and mid-market customers, our technology is ideally suited to helping those companies better understand how they are getting work done organisationally."
By using Cognos solutions in on-demand environments, customers will continue to benefit from the advantages of SaaS, while realizing better decision-making capabilities through reports, dashboards, scorecards, analyses and events.
Cognos BI technology is entirely Web-based, and its services-oriented architecture easily scales and integrates into existing infrastructures with multiple systems and data sources.