MWeb has become the first ISP in South Africa to tap into the global trend of “multiplay” – providing TV, Internet access and voice, all in one package. 

The company announced a new bundled offer – including ADSL, DStv, and VoIP – with reduced hardware costs for a PVR decoder. Consumers will deal with one service provider, MWeb, and will receive a consolidated invoice for their pay TV and Internet subscriptions.
Natalie Thayer, GM of MWeb Home, says the multiplay offering is in line with MWeb’s vision of creating ease of use for consumers by offering choice in a converged media world while providing the convenience of a one-stop shop.
“This forms part of our overall strategy to offer our subscribers one point of contact by bundling digital entertainment and Internet access.”
MWeb will as of this week (Monday, November 26 onwards) offer a package that consists of fixed-line broadband and  MultiChoice’s DStv Premium pay-TV.  In addition, the offer includes MWeb’s VoIP service, Broadband Talk, which provides users with the capability to make cheaper phone calls using the Internet. The bundle will cost R599.00 per month and, by buying these services through MWeb, consumers can save an average of  R1 400.00 a year, compared to buying these services individually.
MWeb will also make the hardware available— a MultiChoice PVR decoder at reduced cost, a free WiFi ADSL modem and two free cordless phones for use with the Broadband Talk VoIP service.