Oracle has reiterated its commitment to continued development of the JD Edwards ERP suites until at least 2014, while simultaneously working to intergrate it into the company's range of application solutions. 

John Schiff, vice-president of the JD Edwards group at Oracle, told delegates to the JD Edwards User Conference today that the company was committed to developing the product – a move is as welcome as it was unexpected.
He says that back when JD Edwards merged with Peoplesoft, it was expected that the two companies would work together in harmony, having similar cultures.
At the same time, Oracle was seen as "the wicked evil empire", and many thought it would simply swallow companies like JD Edwards.
In the event, the merger with Peoplesoft didn't work out as expected – and nor did the acquisition by Oracle.
"None of what we expected from Oracle happened," says Schiff. "Instead, it is very seriously committed to investing in the product."
JD Edwards maintains its development centres in the US, Argentina and India, giving it a global focus that is very much in line with the Oracle philosophy.
Schiff stresses that Oracle has committed to developing the JD Edwards products until at least 2014 and to continue supporting them thereafter.
Importantly, JD Edwards users are able to benefit from the Oracle middleware and access to third-party programs that are available as simple plug-ins.
The latest release of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product was recently launched, along with Release 8.92 of the tools.
The company has also unveiled a roadmap of new releases of both EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World and the tools up to 2014, beginning with updated versions of all products as early as next year.