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Pinnacle Micro lands Mio Technology distribution rights


Pinnacle Micro has landed Southern African distribution rights to Mio Technology, a leading brand of mobile communication device.

The announcement forms part of a decision by Pinnacle Micro to move into the “increasingly converging world of consumer-based technology and the general business and ICT marketplace”, says Tim Humphreys-Davies, the company’s national sales and marketing director.
With preloaded maps of Southern Africa provided by renowned mapping specialist, Tele Atlas, one of the world’s top map data companies, users can now enjoy seamless navigation throughout the region, doing away with the cumbersome installation of additional country maps.
Humphreys-Davies adds: “This is a booming market and the latest reports show that portable navigational units sold in South Africa are currently around 140 000 units a year. But this is expected to increase to over 200 000 by 2008.
“We are aiming for a 10% share of this market by 2008,” he says.
Humphreys-Davies adds that the decision to move into the personal navigational arena is part and parcel of the company’s stated mission to be one of the region’s leading broad-based ICT distributors.
Mio Technology, based in Taiwan, recently announced the launch of four new GPS systems: the Mio DigiWalker, C220, C320, C520 and c720. All three models come with preloaded Southern African maps, a powerful 20-channel SiRFstarIII GPS receiver and convenient Speed Advisor tool.