Foster-Melliar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Simeka BSG Limited is the sole reseller of RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks in South Africa.

As a provider of end-to-end, knowledge-driven self-service and support analyst solutions, RightAnswers solutions help organisations of all sizes improve end-user support by reducing calls to the help desk, increasing first call resolution, and empowering users to solve issues immediately.  
“We are very excited to add Foster-Melliar to our reseller network,” says Michael Bartkus, director of sales for RightAnswers. “The RightAnswers Self-Service and Support Analyst portal solutions will enable Foster-Melliar to provide their clients with a valuable addition to their help desk support toolkit that is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to manage. Both end-users and support analysts will be able to find thousands of solutions for software problem resolution.”
RightAnswers product support keeps the knowledge base updated and current. It offers a complete self-service solution that carries a uniform look and feel. More than 125 000 standard solutions for off-the-shelf software packages are included into the knowledge base, and companies have the option to add in their own custom content solutions as well.
End-users may even request additional solutions, and support teams can add content as deemed necessary. As a result, users have access to in-depth and comprehensive information that they can immediately start using.
RightAnswers Knowledge-Paks can be used onsite within a clients’ existing support or knowledge management system by means of a CD version or hosted option, which often reduces the strain on an internal network.
“We keep our solutions ahead of the curve by continually updating our knowledge library. RightAnswers authors and adds new solutions based on frequently searched questions and new product releases asked,” adds Bartkus.
The product enhances the scope of support services offered by enabling 24/7 support which can be accessed remotely, making it ideal in situations where staff members travel or work from home.