What is the easiest way to increase productivity and lower your total cost of ownership before the year is out? Invest in the latest version of SalesLogix, says Ashley Ellington, MD of Softline Enterprise.

Ellington says that v7.2 is set to usher in a new foundation for web and mobile technology. “The addition of the new Web Client and mobile solutions means businesses will benefit from unprecedented platform flexibility.”
With the range of access methods now available to your sales team (Web Client, Windows Client and/or Mobile), they will no doubt benefit from SalesLogix v7.2’s rich functionality and automation – improving productivity and sales.
Ellington says that while the application will no doubt impress across the board with its enhanced user interface and tools, it will have an even bigger impact behind the scenes.
“The new Web Client dramatically reduces IT administration costs and resource requirements. It can additionally be deployed to one or many servers with a single click. It’s also easy to integrate into your existing IT environment as it’s built on industry-standard technologies; setting the stage for future growth and even greater collaboration.”
SalesLogix v7.2 offers customers a range of key enhancements. The new Web Client for example, makes advanced customisations incredibly simple thanks to a development environment that offers reusable code.
“This means when the sales team requests new functionality, you can deliver on this almost immediately with very little IT involvement,” says Ellington. “The customisation you roll-out today can also be moved to future versions of SalesLogix virtually effortlessly.”
Ellington says that v7.2’s Web Client and expanded mobile solutions enable true platform flexibility with rich functionality and ease of use.
“SalesLogix v7.2’s robust web platform supports your future growth and any changes in your company. It integrates with your existing IT environment very easily and its layered n-tier architecture model allows you to re-use previously built components, enabling rapid development and deployment.”
Users themselves also have much to look forward to, with the latest version’s enhanced user interface delivering a Windows-like experience on the web. Drag and drop tabs, a middle pane, context-sensitive help and intuitive navigation make use that much simpler – and more familiar.
“Individual users can also adapt the system to mirror unique customer acquisition, retention and development processes. This means employees want to use it,” says Ellington. Additional enhancements make information access and navigation easy too; with the user-friendly interface enabling employees to find the information they need to work more effectively.
As mobility becomes even more of a must, SalesLogix v7.2 caters for sales executives and professionals on the go with its add-on mobile solution.
“This gives these users full access to the system, enabling them to view, edit and add contact and account details. They can also take notes, schedule meetings, complete activities, update opportunities and review ticket information all from their portable devices.”