HP's annual partner summit, quite literally, never got off the ground today when the entire Nationwide fleet was grounded by aviation authorities. 

Nationwide, readers may remember, was the airline whose recent flight from Cape Town left its engine on the runway soon after take-off.
According to check-in staff at OR Tambo Airport, all Nationwide flights were cancelled this morning until further notice and until aviation authorities had conducted inspections on every aircraft in the fleet.
The majority of delegates to this year's summit – being held at Fancourt – were nonplussed about the delay. In fact, the biggest worry for most of them was the retrieval of their golf clubs from baggage claim.
And they had good reason not to worry anout the flight. Within minutes, IPG head Thierry Boulanger had rallied his troops and managed to tentatively book a charter flight.
At the time of going to press, sipping coffee and munching breakfast, delegates were patiently and with good-humour waiting for confirmation of the charter flight to George.
We assume all engines will remain intact and bar service is well stocked. Fasten your seat belts – it could be a bumpy weekend.