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Nortel, Microsoft collaborate on Network Access Protection (NAP)


 Nortel is introducing five data products and several enhancements aimed at optimising network infrastructure.

"As more and more applications and devices are used within today's enterprise, a vast increase in bandwidth demand is creating huge amounts of network traffic. Nortel calls this trend Hyperconnectivity and it is forcing people to rethink how they design their networks," says Aziz Khadbai, general manager, Converged Data Networks, Nortel.
One of the most significant new developments in Nortel's Business Optimised Network Strategy, first announced in May, is the collaboration with Microsoft to integrate Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) protocols with Nortel Secure Network Access (SNA).
This integration gives customers greater flexibility in deploying security solutions and addressing security concerns that exist within the network infrastructure.
"Microsoft is continuing to collaborate with Nortel on technologies that are critical to customers who need simple and fast solutions for their businesses. Nortel brings a tremendous amount of networking and telecommunications expertise as a NAP partner enabling customers to deploy a comprehensive, open and flexible, end-to-end solution," says Calvin Choe, senior program manager, Enterprise Networking Group, Microsoft.
Nortel's network and security infrastructure can be deployed alongside Microsoft NAP components providing customers an end-to-end solution built around both technologies. Nortel SNA is available today and Microsoft has announced that NAP will be available in Windows Server 2008.