Most of us would baulk at the thought of typing even a moderate-length letter on our cellular phones – let alone a 142-page novel. But that's what a new Japanese novelist, who goes under the nom de plume of Rin, has just done. Not only that, but the book is a bestseller, notching up sales of 420 000 copies. 

The print version of the book follows the success it enjoyed as a series of installments sent out to mobile phone subscribers.
Mobile phone literature is a new phenomenon in Japan, and it's proving to be incredibly successful.
Known as keitai shousetsu, these online books are send as a series of installments, usually to young female readers. They tend to cover typically adolescent subjects of romance, sex and drugs.
An SMS-type style is inevitable, given the medium, and these stories are characterised by one-liners, emoticons and spaces.
It's also an interactive form of creation, with readers sending suggestions and criticisms to the author as the story unfolds.