Vodacom's HSDPA service has been voted the top wireless broadband offering in South Africa for the second year in a row. 

The award forms part of the 2007 MyADSL Broadband Survey in which more than 1 500 broadband users conducted tests and rated their broadband services.
The final result was calculated using consumer feedback combined with results from extensive technical testing of the various broadband offerings.
While MTN and iBurst performed well in areas like reliability and support, Vodacom's performance and countrywide coverage made it the winner.
The final percentages, which give an indication of how a service performed in relation to the other services surveyed, are as follows:
* Vodacom HSDPA – 95%
* MTN HSDPA – 81%
* iBurst – 80%
* Sentech MyWireless – 64%
Rudolph Muller, founder of MyADSL, believes consumers will benefit from the survey feedback, which is made available free of charge to the public.
"With a growing number of broadband services available on the market an objective measurement of performance is becoming increasingly important," he says.
"This kind of research will give prospective broadband subscribers and current broadband users a far better idea of what they can expect from the various broadband services available."
The full report is available free of charge on the MyBroadband.co.za website.