YouTube was the most popular search item in terms of technology during 2007, according to Yahoo's list of the top searches during the year. 

Wikipedia slipped into second place behind YouTube, followed by Facebook at number three.
Despite its popularity with consumers, the iPhone only came in at number 6, behind its sister product the iPod (number five) and its related site, iTunes (number four).
Gaming took over the rest of the technology Top 10, with Nintendo Wii coming in at number sevenm Xbox at number eight, Sony Playstation 3 at number nine and Guitar Hero rounding out the charts at number 10.
Users also showed an interest in current affairs, with Saddam Hussein topping the news charts, followed by Iran and then Iraq. President George W Bush was the fourth most popular news search, followed by oil and gas prices, Brack Obama and Hilary Rodham Clinton.
Number eight on the news searches was the San Diego fires, followed by Afganistan and Virginia Tech.
Enviromental matters also started coming to the fore in 2007, with recycling topping the list of environmental searches this year, following by global warming, freecycle, earth, pollution at Al Gore.
Troubled celebs were all the rate this year, and Britney Spears came out tops of the search lists, followed by Paris Hilton at number two and Anna Nicole Smith at number three.
Other troubled stars on the top 10 search list include Vanessa Anne Hudges, Nicole Ritche, Amy Winehouse, Rosie O'Donnel, Tara Conner, Michael Vick and Owen Wilson.
Consumers surfed the 'net for information about product recalls, with the pet food recall topping the list of searches. This was followed by Fischer Price, Thomas the Tank Engine, dog food recall, Menu Foods, E.coli, food poisoning, toy recall, peanut butter recall and Topps.
Children were showed a serious side, with the top searches on Yahoo! Kids being for games, animals, dinosaurs, math, Hannah Montana, solar system, George Washington, Halloween, Sally Ride and global warming.